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Homemade Corn / Pellet Fuel Cleaner

Written By: WarmInTheWinter - Sep• 13•12

Homemade Corn / Pellet Fuel Cleaner

This is my homemade corn and pellet fuel cleaner. It consists of a bowel (Walmart), 45 degree 2-inch diameter PVC elbow, 2-inch Y for 3-inch PVC pipe, short lengths of 2- and 3-inch PVC pipe (all from Lowes), and bamboo skewers (dowels will work also). Stand made from project leftovers. Some assembly required (LOL) I typically use hot glue…just in case I want to take it apart! Sorry for the noisy shop vac!

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  1. Kntryhart says:

    Sure…watch my: Corn / Pellet Cleaner – Improved video. It works like a champ!

  2. bharzman says:

    could you tell me more about your new design
    I just got a corn stove

  3. huck1241 says:

    When are you going to post your present design? I’m trying to talk my husband into making us one, and would like him to see your new design first. I thought your video was very well done. Thanks!

  4. Kntryhart says:

    Thanks. Actually, I have made several different designs since this one. My present design works much quicker than this and requires less effort. I guess I need to post that one.

  5. ckhemken says:

    Great design. As usual, I am totally amazed by the designs that people in our country come up with.

  6. FelchBelcher says:


  7. mongojerry72 says:

    I think this is the simplest and most logical cleaner I have seen yet! Great video, thanks.

  8. ushouldntjudgeme says:

    at :42 you sounded like a the Red/Green show guy!!!

  9. karkupau says:

    u r the man thank u

  10. Kntryhart says:

    Wood Pellets contain “fines”…something akin to sawdust. I have seen augers jammed as a result of fines.
    Corn can have all type of stuff in in. I screened out a clump of concrete.
    Yes, it does take a little time, but it is a lot cheaper than buying a new auger! Have fun!

  11. jcornelius215 says:

    Why do you need to clean it?

  12. dmacosta1 says:

    good job

  13. Baystater116 says:

    Quite a simple idea and appears to work very well – good job!

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